Mom, I Picked You Some Flowers

I miss you, Mom. Its been so long since you have calmed my troubled heart over one thing or another. I've picked you some flowers. I am but one of millions who's mothers have left this mortal existence . . . I claim no special heartache that is not felt by many others as Mother's …


A Point Of View Every family needs a sky pilot. This is the handle we gave Chaplains in Vietnam. I don't know if the nomenclature has survived in today's military. It is Spring and a time when our thoughts quite naturally turn to birth, life, new beginnings . . . and death. My son-in-law did …

A Worthy Blog From The Cradle Of Our Nation

50 Adventures in 50 Days I like what I see thus far, and the premise of the new blog. She lives in the landscape where our Republic began. I have never had the opportunity to visit, however I hope now to at least see more of it through this blogger's keen eyes!

The morning after

I have not read anything by Mr. Tomlinson before. This is spot on. I wanted to make sure I could find it again and again.

Tommy Tomlinson

I spent election night alone in a Raleigh hotel. An interview didn’t turn out the way I hoped it would. The rest of the night didn’t turn out the way I hoped it would, either.

I got up this morning, checked the TV — yep, it happened. Texted my wife. Signed onto the computer and refreshed Twitter way too many times. At some point I had to get my eyes off the screens. I went for a walk. The air was cool enough for a jacket, but the breeze felt good and clean.

A few blocks away I found a diner called Big Ed’s and sat down for a late breakfast. The waitress brought coffee and I started to check my phone but instead I looked around. Nobody was weeping. Nobody was gloating, either. People were talking about the election, of course, but they were also making weekend plans and talking about…

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