Why WordPress?

For me, this portal just seems to represent the best of blogging.  I have played with most of the others . . . some like VOX are not around anymore.  Others, to be left nameless, may have more users than WordPress, however they just don’t inspire in me the kind of creativity that I would like to extract from my inner-self.  I simply like the sense of community and professionalism I feel at WordPress.  Some of my favorite blog writers have moved in here of late, so I thought the time was right for me to elevate.

So why Old Bent Nail?  I have written a great story about that, and I will post it another time.  For now, let me just say that I am in my 6th decade of living (still young in today’s world) and I find myself missing the way things were, back in the day.  Like an Old Bent Nail, I am a bit rusty . . . . worn but not worn out . . . . bent and rough from life’s lessons but still holding fast.  In fact, like this old nail we are speaking about, I am holding to the work better than when I was brand new.

I love where I came from . . . . I am not so sure how I feel about where I am being swept away to in the treacherous currents of 21st Century living.  Oh, I know all the old sayings;  “We’re not in Kansas anymore, Toto!”  or “You can’t go home again.” I try not to expend too much time and energy in the good ole’ days.  It is just that my immune system does not fight off the affliction you and I know as a common case of melancholy, and that leads me to again revisit how things were back in the days of snail mail, and steam locomotives, Charles Lindbergh, Einstein, JFK, and my father’s war fought to a complete and unconditional victory . . . . the last of its kind evermore!  Yes, I will stipulate that these pilgrimages are made via the magic carpet called selective memory.  Guilty!  Even so, I do enjoy the ride, and I try not to prolong the journey back in time.

Two other favorite sayings bring be back to 2011 quickly.

“The cross comes before the crown, and tomorrow is a Monday morning.”     C. S. Lewis

“I can’t go back to yesterday – because I was a different person then.”    Charles Lutwidge Dodgson (Lewis Carroll)

Yeah, Lewis Carroll and Alice . . . . go figure.  But it fits, and perhaps it even deserves to be mentioned in the same breath as C. S. Lewis.  So onward I go, not immune to looking back on occasion, and fully aware of the looming Monday morning and our brave new world that you and I have crafted out of our father’s sacrifices.  As I stand on Dad’s shoulders, I hope and pray that I can serve his memory well enough.  Huge shoes to fill.  I’ll die trying!

So I am happy to be involved in the WordPress family at large.  Lets see where this goes.


About Old Bent Nail

Observer, Baby-boomer, Old Dog learning new tricks! My interests are few but varied, from my crafty, precious wife, to Beekeeping, Photography, Home & Garden, Drag Racing and Veterans Affairs.
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One Response to Why WordPress?

  1. johnhprice says:

    You think deep, Old Friend, and obviously feel deeper.

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