Winter Snow Like A Lion In March

A March Snow

Winter Along The Millcreek

What is it that “they” say . . . March come in like a lion and leaves like a lamb?  Two early March snow storms seem to prove the axiom correct. This shot is from my back porch a week ago.  Another dumping last night was identical in coverage and beauty. A pair of mallard ducks are trying to make the best of the situation, however I am sure they are hoping for spring.  So are the bees!  Seems unfair that we can get near 50 degrees one day at which temperature the honeybees come out of the hive for cleansing flights and to stretch their wings, and the next day the hive boxes are covered with 5 inches of snow.

I am a SoCal expatriate who finds joy in the 4 seasons here in the Rocky Mountain West. Winter is beautiful here. After a storm, the sky clears and the sun paints the promise of warmer days to come in the azure sky. A photographer never wants for a scenic opportunity in these parts any time of year.

So, the ground hog was right . . . . we are in the midst of the last 6 weeks of winter.  That’s ok with me.  Here in the high desert, snow pack is life!  This summer ought to be just another season in paradise.  Ok, ok . . . . not exactly Old Lahaina, but one is supposed to grow where one is planted, and I get away to Haleakala and Hana Bay often enough.

Found an old friend today on Word Press. Have a look at Pat Bean and her adventures. Her writing prowess will be evident and it is so appropriate that Word Press featured her page in Freshly Pressed! She has printer’s ink in her blood . . . . a newspaper woman in her 9 to 5 days.  Now she is traveling about in her RV making her itinerary up as she goes.  Bee well Pat, and thanks for the bylines a time or two!


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