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How To Grieve With Challah Bread

My grandfather is dead: I do not know how to grieve. So I make bread. Source: How To Grieve With Challah Bread Advertisements

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Oh God Thy Sea Is So Great . . . .

On this day November 22, 1963, John Fitzgerald Kennedy became the fourth American president to be assassinated in office. This was my father’s president. I don’t remember seeing dad for a couple of days afterwards. He was distraught to say … Continue reading

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The Eleventh Day of the Eleventh Month

I never was called on to carry the wounded, nor was I ever in need of same. I witnessed my share in the most unpopular conflict of our time however, and called in Medivac Hueys almost daily to evacuate the … Continue reading

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Coming Clean in the Town Rail Yard

My town is rich with history, as most are I suppose. It has been known for more than a Century as Junction City. There are a few other nicks that may be less complimentary but that is for another story. … Continue reading

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