Who Will Save Our Once Great Republic?

Who will rise up and save our once great Republic? Is that comment treading on sacrilegious ground because of the widely accepted belief that this is a land God has chosen and set apart? So America is already saved, right? Well it is a work in progress at best. So back to the question . . . . who will take the reins and steer us away from the fall? It is no longer about political parties. They have been folded into each other so many times that a puffed up pastry dough is the result, with one carefully cut square no different than another!

So I lie awake in the middle of the night wondering what it could be like if Condoleezza Rice were to be the one to rise up and revisit the Oval Office . . . . this time from the POTUS side of the desk. Yeah, I know that she has stated many times that she is a happy Stanford professor and intends to remain as such. So many I talk to are huge fans of Ms. Rice. I also believe Ms Clinton’s party is scared spitless of a Condi Rice ticket. I found this assessment:


“The Democratic Campaign Committee and a host of left-wing special interests will pump tens of millions into holding on to the White House — by demonizing any Republican who dares to run.”

“That holds especially true for a tough, accomplished African American woman like Condi Rice — it’s their worst nightmare!””

“And the Black Conservative Fund’s e-mail blast, according to The Hill, says that ‘Obama Democrats’ would call her an ‘Uncle Tom’ if she enters the race. That’s hardly a line designed to make Rice want to run.”

“Obviously, lots of these groups that have nothing to do with actual candidates are really only in business for themselves. And Rice, who remains a rarity as one of the most high-profile black Republicans in the country, will always be good for business–even though her every move suggests that she would rather spend time on the links and in the classroom rather than glad-handing for votes. A pile of signatures and web site won’t convince her otherwise.”

I am just a tired old veteran with but one dream left in life, really. I want the Beltway gang along the Potomac to care about US again. Little Israel is the model here. Come to think of it, they occupy a “chosen” land too. Lets not negotiate with terrorists. Lets require 2 years of either armed or public service from every 18 year old. NO deferments due to 4 years of Spring Break. Plenty of time for university, and there will likely be some credits earned along the way by serving anyway. Exactly why does POTUS Obama not like Israel anyway?

Perhaps one or two of the 7 folks who read this will say “Shoot, if you like Israel so much, why don’t you just relocate?” Gravlax for thought right there!


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